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Medical Business Product Consulting

Medical Product Consulting

If you have a patent with significant customer demand in the healthcare industry we’ll guide you through FDA approval and startup processes to commercial production and sales.

Aerospace Product Consulting

Product Development Consulting

Do you have a beneficial product invention for the aerospace industry and need guidance on regulatory approval, startup, prototyping, production and/or commercial sales?

Patents, Prototypes, Production & Sales

We will guide you directly, from concepts, prototyping and start-up to customer acquisition, FDA approval, production and international market adoption.

Product Invention Consulting

Products & Manufacturing Innovations

An Industry Leader In Medical & Aerospace

helpWith over 43 years of experience in product creation and design we’re here to make your life easier. From early career involvement on Space Shuttle components, patented manufacturing innovations and a thermal / fire protection system currently used in most commercial aircraft in service, to orthopedic implants for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and other medical inventions totaling over 100 patents, we will guide you toward national success.

Consulting Services for Innovative Product Startups

Expert Consulting for Inventors

With over 100+ successful inventions, startups and patents experience, we can help inventors in the medical, aerospace, automotive, 3D printing and mainstream commercial marketplace who are looking to maximize profits and rapidly attain regulatory approval to transition successfully into international commercial sales.

New Invention Product Consulting


From concepts, designs, engineering and prototyping to startups, product machining, composite fabrication, regulatory approval, sales and marketing, TPC Design will consult directly with you on whatever you need, to ensure your idea can reach maximum profits potential and meet international consumer demand,  plus save you time and money.


Over 100 successful patents commercially produced in a variety of national markets including aerospace, medical, automotive, entertainment, manufacturing, thermal protections / safety and beneficial worldly inventions that can even be seen on the Space Shuttle.

Product Invention Consulting


Consulting, concepts, product design, prototyping, patents, commercial inventions, sales,, marketing, reverse engineering, software capabilities, rapid prototyping, advanced machining capabilities, superior production systems and composite fabrication abilities for medical, aerospace, automotive and competitive national marketplaces.

Services & Capabilities

What Can We Do For You?

Product Invention Consulting for Businesses

Product Consulting

Expert guide for serious inventors to take patented inventions from initial startup to mass productions, regulatory approval and national commercial sales.

Reverse Engineering

Let us reverse engineer your competitors part and suggest improvements and alternative solutions to increase product value.

Software Capabilities

We use top of the line software including SolidWorks, FEA, Pro Engineer, MatLab, FreeForm Modeling Plus, and Osirix CT/MRI software.

Product Concept Consulting

Rapid Prototyping

TPC Design currently has 3 in-house RP machines as well as a complete machine shop. We can make your prototyping process a breeze.

Machining Capabilities

Milling, lathe, surface grinding, mig welder, tig welder, plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene, and robotic surfacing.

New Product Invention Consulting & Fabrication

Composite Fabrication

Vacuum thermoforming, vacuum bagging for resin infusion, extrusion, matched tooling, compression mold, hand lay-up, oven cure, dip molding, and robotic processes.

Product Design & Development Consulting

Over 100+ Patents

We advise inventors with medical, aerospace and innovative commercial products based on decades of successful consulting, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales experience. From concept to manufacturing, we will work with you to refine your invention into a design of commercial value and marketability.

Medical Device Innovations

From useful medical devices and patented components for use in hospitals to novel biomed implants, regulatory approval and commercial health care partnerships we can guide you throughout the medical industry.

3D Printing Design & Fabrication

We have extensive experience in designing and fabricating equipment for novel material and processing technologies, including over 15 years working with all facets of 3D printing in various polymeric and metallic materials..

Thermal Protection Systems

We have extensive experience with thermal and fire safety components, systems and composite materials, from conceptualization to actual usage in the Space Shuttle and adoption into commercial aircraft used every day.

TPC (Thermoplastic Products Corporation)

Top Patented Products

Heat Insulating Blanket Patent

Heat Insulating Blanket Patent

Product Patent Portfolio:  Heat Insulating BlanketA blanket formed of heat and flame resistant materials and adapted to be placed adjacent to a...

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