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Bone Repair System & Method Patent

Bone Repair System & Method Patent

Product Patent Portfolio: Bone Repair System & MethodThis invention relates to a system and method for the repair of fractured or broken bones, such as ribs.Product Patent DetailsPatent AbstractA bone repair system and method for percutaneously fixing a first bone...

Skin Retractor & Prop Device & Methods Of Use

Skin Retractor & Prop Device & Methods Of Use

Product Patent Portfolio:  Skin retractor & prop device & methods of useEmbodiments of the device can enable hands-free traction, counter-traction, and propping of the skin for a wide area of retraction, yet can be easily inserted through a small...

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A typical project is based off time and materials. We have a flat hourly rate and offer free estimates to new inventors. All projects are milestone based to limit financial risk for our clients. Project milestones include: FDA guidelines based approach to device...

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